Working with Makers.

Working with Makers.

As a small business owner I am constantly looking for ways to meet and connect with other small business owners. I am not artistic, I cant craft, and honestly if it cant be amazon primed, its likely not for me. 

I love the look of embroidered denim. And after a long search through brands, I couldn't find what I was looking for. So after hitting a dead end, I went to where we all go, Pinterest! So I cant have embroidered, BUT what about paint?! 

Insert, Hadrian Horton, owner of Printy Mockingbird. She is an incredible stamp carver and artist. I knew she would be the perfect artist to keep this idea going! When I say she took it to the next level, I mean she really took my idea and made it E V E R Y T H I N G! She combined both her talents of art and stamp carving and created some incredible works of art onto denim. 

From groovy and funky, to fruity and summery, and now the all white floral denim line just launched! Each piece is unique and different and that is what makes this line so incredible. 

When small businesses + artists & makers team up = magic!

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